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1. Where the use a of a photography studio is required, the client is responsible for hiring and confirming time slots with the studio management of their choice. In instances where no photography studio is known by the client, a few suggestions can be made by SJP on request. Studio price ranges, depending on client needs in relation to budget, prices could be as low as £35 - £200 for small-mid range studios and as high as £400 and/or more for larger studios with high end equipment. High end studios are usually used for professional projects and prices are high due to size, space offered, equipment available, location and other factors.

2. 50% of the booking total or full payment is required when booking the shoot to secure the date and time.   

(a) The remaining balance is to be made the day before the shoot. The 50% payment is taken as a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the date in our calendar from other bookings.

(b) We reserve the right to charge penalty fee for late payments under the LATE PAYMENT OF COMMERCIAL DEBTS (INTEREST) ACT 1998. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please inform SJP at the earliest opportunity.

(c) Where a Client is a company and whether or not that company has gone into liquidation the individual directors will be responsible for all outstanding fees and costs in relation to the contract.

(d) If the client wants to move the date within 5 working days of the confirmed shoot date, we reserve the right to charge a penalty fee of £50.

(e) The 50% deposit may be transferrable in the event of circumstances beyond reasonable control of the client i.e. - Force Majeure.

3. In events of cancellation or rescheduling, a fee may be charged as compensation for time invested towards preparation for the day of shoot. 

4. The Client is responsible for making sure all release (for models and locations) and permissions required for a shoot have been sorted before the day of the shoot. 

(a) It is the Client who must satisfy himself/herself/It’s self that all necessary rights, model releases, clearances or consents which may be required for reproduction of people, trade marks, registered or copyright designs or Works of art depicted in any picture.

(b) SJP shall only be responsible for obtaining such clearances if this has been expressly agreed in writing before the shoot.

(c) In all other cases the Client shall indemnify the Photographer again stall expenses, damages, claims and legal costs arising out of any failure to obtain such clearances.

(d) SJP will not be liable for any loss or damage, for any consequential loss of profit or income however caused including negligence by the Photographer, SJP their employees or agents or otherwise, and it is the Client’s responsibility to insure against such loss or damage.

5. For sessions that require traveling over 20miles from our location (London), costs will be covered by client, this is also the case in situations where accommodation is required.

6. Where extra expenses or times are incurred by SJP as a result of alterations to the original brief by the Client, or otherwise. The Client shall give approval to and be liable to such extra expenses or fees, in addition to the fees and expenses shown on the Estimate as having been agreed or estimated.

7. Unless a rejection fee has been agreed in advance, there is no right to reject on the basis of style or composition.

6. Every information given by the client in confidentiality to help in carrying out our duties as a photographer/creative will be kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party in any situation that may arise.

7. SJP retains the entire copyright to the images at all times, throughout the world and where reproduction of images has taken place and settlement has not been made, SJP will make such charges to the publisher of those images as falls within the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

8. All images taken by us remain the property of SJP and are covered by Copyright. Clients have the right/license to publish their images only when full payments have been made.

9. Unless agreed to in writing on the License to Use and the Invoice no exclusivity is given or implied to The Agency and/or The Client. SJP retains the right in all cases to use or sell the Photographs.  Exclusivity will not be unreasonably withheld but only on written agreement with SJP before work commences.

10. The License to Use comes into effect from the date of payment of the relevant invoice(s). No use may be made of the Photographs before payment in full of the relevant invoice(s) without the Photographer’s express permission in writing. Any permission that may be given for prior use will automatically be revoked if full payment is not made by the due date or if the Agency is put into receivership or liquidation.

(a) Where restricted in the Agreement, permission to use the Photographs for other purposes will normally be granted upon payment of a further fee to be mutually agreed. Note: A written agreement must be reached with SJP before the Photographs may be used for other purposes.

(b) Where uses of an image are made which breach the licence to use further charges will be made.

(c) Any reproduction rights granted are by way of licence only and no partial or other assignment of copyright shall be implied.

(d) On the Client’s death or bankruptcy or (if the Client is a Company) in the event of a Resolution, Petition or Order for winding-up being made against it, or if a Receiver or an administration is appointed, any licence granted shall immediately cease.

11. The Licence to use requires that ‘SJP’ will be printed on or in reasonable proximity to all published reproductions of the image(s) released. I also assert my statutory and moral right to be identified (either by a website link - www.sjpcreative.com or instagram page @sjp_p) in the circumstances set out in Sections 77-79 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any amendment or re-enactment thereof.

12. Clients do no have the right to hire a retoucher or any party to retouch/manipulate image except being approved to do so in writing by SJP.

13. On the occasion where images have been approved to be worked on by other parties, SJP still have the rights to the reworked image(s) and retains original ownership of the image(s).

14. These agreements shall be governed by the Laws of England & Wales.

These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.


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